Day four: Dominant BBQ Cook-Off

Four teams of budding chefs and a solid contingent of families and friends enjoyed a night of gourmet food and friendship at GRYC. Michael Duchow, the guest judge and well-known local chef was impressed with the range and quality of dishes prepared.

Including the mystery boxes, teams could enter in up to five categories: Traditional Red Meat, Open (poultry, fish, seafood, game, vegetarian) or Dessert.

Team Mateer prepared a slow cooked lamb with capsicum and olives served with pesto pasta and a cucumber and anchovy salad.


Team Brice, where the food is nice, cooked vegetarian pakoras served with a coriander yoghurt dressing.  John tried these pakoras whilst in Jaipur on the night of his 70th birthday and sourced the recipe specially for the Dominant Cook Off.  


Team Robbos brewed up a Moroccan beef curry which they paired with flat bread and couscous and the youngest of the Robbos mixed up a refreshing Nimbu Pani  drink.


Team Geoff the Chef entered sumac lamb cutlets with middle eastern herbs and green humous.
The food was spectacular given the teams had just 3 hours and were required to cook on a BBQ! In determining the winners, Judge Michael Duchow was impressed with the unique ingredients included in this year's event.

And the winners were:

Traditional Red Meat: Team Mateer

Open: Team Brice